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Above is the front of our digipak.             Above is the back of our digipak

Below is the first page inside our              Below is the second page inside our
digipak.                                                               digipak.

inside first 


Shot List

Song: XO  by The Eden Project


Shot (description of sound & action) Shot size Angle Movement
1.     Mid Close up – Performer looking at camera, lip syncing the beginning of the song (counting in)


Mid Close up EYE LEVEL Fixed Camera on a tripod.
2.     Master Shot – Performer looking at camera throughout whole song lip syncing to the song (located indoors)


Mid Close up HIGH ANGLE Fixed Camera on a tripod.
3.     Master Shot – Performer looks beyond the camera into the distance while lip syncing (location in central London)


Mid Shot MID HIGH ANGLE Handheld Camera – tracking shot.
4.     Tracking Shot – Performer walking on sidewalk in central London (guitar case on performers back) looking into distance


Mid Long Shot MID LOW ANGLE Handheld Camera – tracking shot.
5.     Arc Shot – Performer looking into camera (serious facial expression), just after chorus before second verse


Close Up EYE LEVEL Arc shot – handheld camera.
6.     Cut-In Shot – focusing on the performers hands whilst playing the guitar during first verse during indoor shot


Close Up HIGH ANGLE Camera fixed on a tripod.
7.     Weather Shot – end of the song (camera moves away from subject into the sky)


Long Shot LOW ANGLE Pan/Tilt – Handheld?

Audience Research

Using Google Forms, I have created a questionnaire (see below) which I will send to 30 people  using the published link so that it is easy to access. I will send the questionnaire to a range of people who match the description of the target audience, who are between the age of 15-25.

Click here to view the questionnaire!

After sending the above link to 30 people between the ages of 15-25 here is the feedback I received:

Audience Research