In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?



Working Title : XO

Meduim : Video

Format : Mini DVD

Duration : 2:39

Storyline Of Music Video :

  • Narrative – Artist talking about previous relationship (a breakup)
  • The guy paid no attention to his relationship while he was with her because he thought it didn’t matter but when she left he realized his mistake but didn’t want to admit it so now he is slightly bitter about it so he sings about it. He says he doesn’t care and how she doesn’t mean anything to him yet he still sings. He thought that the relationship was stable and was disappointed when it ended so suddenly.
  • Lyrics of the song will coincide with the music video.

Description Of Content Of The Opening Sequence :

  • Reminiscing his breakup
  • Mid-shot
  • Performer/Actor will be lip syncing
  • Setting – Central London
  • Lighting – Natural/High Key Lighting

Purpose :

  • The purpose is to promote the song. Through the acting and performance and music as a whole, I plan to make a wider audience enjoy the music written and performed by the Eden Project an upcoming artist. I also plan to create a questionnaire for a wider audience regarding an advertising poster. I plan to do this so that I will be able to understand more about the audience and what they desire to enable a wider audience.

Target Audience :

  • Age Range (15-25)
  • Class System – (B, C1, C2, D)
  • Like Acoustic & Electronic Music
  • All Ethnics
  • Enjoy Romantic, Adventure and Comedy Films
  • Listen to Music online streaming (Soundcloud, YouTube)