Production Company


Director – Jamal & Amal


Production Crew


Working Title – XO


Description of narrative structure and use of film language

In this section, you need to describe the style of your sequence.  

You should cover:


  • Structure/form – the sequence of events (linear or non-linear narrative)

Linear narrative story as everything happens in a chronological order, with some non-linear elements included such as flashbacks. I plan to use many shots sizes and angles, including a range of close ups, mid-shots, tracking shots and master shots.



  • Mise-en-scene (setting/location, props, lighting, costume etc.,)

Main prop to be used will be a guitar, and guitar stool, also will be using guitar case whilst walking around in London. Main setting will be in central London or a sidewalk and road, will also be shooting on Natural lighting, high key and low key as we will be shooting during the day and in evenings too. Performer will be wearing a costume typical to an Acoustic guitar artist (Beanie, Slim shirt, top button undone, leather jacket, jeans, boots).



  • Cinematography (shot types and camera movements)

Master shots, at 3 different locations (2 locations in central London and 1 location in a room indoors.) Mid shot for indoor shot (Artist will be looking into the camera playing the guitar) Tracking shot when we’re filming in central London, filming the performer’s face at MCU. (Also a masters shot). Long shot for the outro of the song zooming out to make the performer blend into the rest of the public. Close ups/mid close ups for when we’re filming indoors. Close-up shot in studio (black background, bright lighting on artists face).



  • Sound (dialogue, voice-over, effects and/or soundtrack)

No dialogue between performers. The only sound that will be audible will be the music track. Music will be playing throughout the whole video  for 2 minutes 39 seconds.


  • Editing (pace and style)

Since we’re filming 3 masters’ shots, we’ll film a few pick-ups to add over the masters. There will be cuts to make the narrative of the video flow and make it continuity. The editing will have rhythmic relations, with all scenes having a similar feel.