Shot List

Song: XO  by The Eden Project


Shot (description of sound & action) Shot size Angle Movement
1.     Mid Close up – Performer looking at camera, lip syncing the beginning of the song (counting in)


Mid Close up EYE LEVEL Fixed Camera on a tripod.
2.     Master Shot – Performer looking at camera throughout whole song lip syncing to the song (located indoors)


Mid Close up HIGH ANGLE Fixed Camera on a tripod.
3.     Master Shot – Performer looks beyond the camera into the distance while lip syncing (location in central London)


Mid Shot MID HIGH ANGLE Handheld Camera – tracking shot.
4.     Tracking Shot – Performer walking on sidewalk in central London (guitar case on performers back) looking into distance


Mid Long Shot MID LOW ANGLE Handheld Camera – tracking shot.
5.     Arc Shot – Performer looking into camera (serious facial expression), just after chorus before second verse


Close Up EYE LEVEL Arc shot – handheld camera.
6.     Cut-In Shot – focusing on the performers hands whilst playing the guitar during first verse during indoor shot


Close Up HIGH ANGLE Camera fixed on a tripod.
7.     Weather Shot – end of the song (camera moves away from subject into the sky)


Long Shot LOW ANGLE Pan/Tilt – Handheld?