Shot List

Song: XO  by The Eden Project


Shot (description of sound & action) Shot size Angle Movement
1.     Mid Close up – Performer looking at camera, lip syncing the beginning of the song (counting in)


Mid Close up EYE LEVEL Fixed Camera on a tripod.
2.     Master Shot – Performer looking at camera throughout whole song lip syncing to the song (located indoors)


Mid Close up HIGH ANGLE Fixed Camera on a tripod.
3.     Master Shot – Performer looks beyond the camera into the distance while lip syncing (location in central London)


Mid Shot MID HIGH ANGLE Handheld Camera – tracking shot.
4.     Tracking Shot – Performer walking on sidewalk in central London (guitar case on performers back) looking into distance


Mid Long Shot MID LOW ANGLE Handheld Camera – tracking shot.
5.     Arc Shot – Performer looking into camera (serious facial expression), just after chorus before second verse


Close Up EYE LEVEL Arc shot – handheld camera.
6.     Cut-In Shot – focusing on the performers hands whilst playing the guitar during first verse during indoor shot


Close Up HIGH ANGLE Camera fixed on a tripod.
7.     Weather Shot – end of the song (camera moves away from subject into the sky)


Long Shot LOW ANGLE Pan/Tilt – Handheld?

Recce Report

In the film studio

It is fairly safe to film in here. We could trip over any of the wiring, or get electrocuted by any loose wiring. It is suitable to film as we need a place that has a white/black background to film a close-up of the performer singing. It would create an atmosphere of loneliness which it adapts from the song. It contains good power sources and lighting which would prove useful. We will be able to utilise professional equipment. It is a very safe place as we will be under supervision.

In central London

We will be filming one masters on a small narrow side street. This is safe as no cars pass by. It is ideal as it would have low key natural lighting and there will be no risks in filming here.

Another masters would be on an empty road. There could be a few potential risks i.e. any equipment being stolen, not being mindful of a car approaching, but we will be filming here when the road is empty so it shouldn’t be much of a problem. This is ideal as we want to have a masters of the performer walking on a road whilst singing. It could create an impression of him moving away from the person he’s singing about in the song.

London Eye

We may face sound issues as it is a public place and the noise pollution could affect hearing ability of the performer. The population of people there could also affect filming as members of the public could bump into the performer while we’re filming. The weather conditions may affect filming as well as the equipment isn’t waterproof and if it rains the equipment could be damaged, however we’ll only film if the forecast states it’ll be sunny.

Golden Jubilee Bridges

There is no traffic on this bridge so we won’t have that as an issue. There are however train lines but we’ll keep to walking on the pavements whilst filming. Again since it’s a public bridge, performing could be hindered as again people could be bumping into our performer. As is the same as filming around the London eye, sound could be a problem as well as since it’s a public place it could be quite noisy and we may not be able to hear each other, or our performer may not be able to hear the music he’s meant to be performing to.


  • Eden Project – XO (acoustic song with electronic influences)
  • Song is 2 minutes 39 seconds long
  • Shooting in central London, and other locations with good scenery
  • Props such as guitar and costumes (typical for an acoustic artist)
  • Different camera shots e.g. CU, MS, 2S, ES, M2S
  • Narrative with the lyrics matching what’s going on in the video (Artist talking about previous relationship (a breakup). The guy paid no attention to his relationship while he was with her because he thought it didn’t matter but when she left he realized his mistake but didn’t want to admit it so now he is slightly bitter about it so he sings about it. He says he doesn’t care and how she doesn’t mean anything to him yet he still sings. He thought that the relationship was stable and was disappointed when it ended so suddenly).
  • Performer will be singing some parts of the song (lip syncing)
  • The song/performance goes against stereotypes; in most cases men are presented as the ones who hurt and women are the ones who get hurt but in this instance the man gets hurt and he was hurt by the woman.
  • Target audience is B, C1, C2, D. Male and females aged between 15 and 25. People who listen to electronic/dance music but also people who listen to acoustic music.
  • Close-up shot on performer, highlighting facial expressions, which will symbolise the impact the lyrics have on the performer’s emotion and feelings.