Initial Ideas

  • Eden Project – XO (acoustic song with electronic influences)
  • Song is 2 minutes 39 seconds long
  • Shooting in central London, and other locations with good scenery
  • Props such as guitar and costumes (typical for an acoustic artist)
  • Different camera shots e.g. CU, MS, 2S, ES, M2S
  • Narrative with the lyrics matching what’s going on in the video (Artist talking about previous relationship (a breakup). The guy paid no attention to his relationship while he was with her because he thought it didn’t matter but when she left he realized his mistake but didn’t want to admit it so now he is slightly bitter about it so he sings about it. He says he doesn’t care and how she doesn’t mean anything to him yet he still sings. He thought that the relationship was stable and was disappointed when it ended so suddenly).
  • Performer will be singing some parts of the song (lip syncing)
  • The song/performance goes against stereotypes; in most cases men are presented as the ones who hurt and women are the ones who get hurt but in this instance the man gets hurt and he was hurt by the woman.
  • Target audience is B, C1, C2, D. Male and females aged between 15 and 25. People who listen to electronic/dance music but also people who listen to acoustic music.
  • Close-up shot on performer, highlighting facial expressions, which will symbolise the impact the lyrics have on the performer’s emotion and feelings.